Examples from “the Binnenstad” (Humanities)

LitLab is a digital lab for research into Dutch literature for secondary school students. It includes a digital toolset that helps them to conduct in-depth research. In Dutch Anthem stylometry was applied to the Dutch national anthem. A wholly new candidate for the authorship of the Dutch Anthem was discovered using stylometric techniques! See M. Kestemont et. al. In: Proceedings DH2017.

Can the dynamics between creative industries explain the making of the Dutch Golden Age? That question is answered in Golden Agents. Another example of Humanities research (there are many, many more) is Time in translation, which seeks to develop a micro-typology of the Have Perfect, grounded in a technique (‘Translation Mining’), which is based on translation equivalences between English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish. The analysis has three key ingredients: (i) a semantic map of the sentence-level meanings of the Perfect, (ii) a semantic map of the discourse interaction usages of the Perfect, (iii) an integrated truth-conditional and inquisitive semantics of the Perfect.